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Recipe: Laing (Taro leaves cooked in coconut milk)

Gabi plant 

Laing is one of Bicol’s trademark delicacy aside from the well-known Bicol Express. Its main ingredient is dried taro leaves or what we call “dahon ng gabi” mixed with coconut milk plus spices that made it truly from the heart of the Bicol region. Though this dish may not be for the vegetarian because of its pork and shrimp ingredients, still it is one health conscious food people can eat. It is easy to prepare and very practical.



1. Put the diced pork in a deep skillet. Put enough water to cover the meat.Cover and let boil for a few minutes or until the meat is cooked. Add water if necessary until it’s tender.

2. When water has dried up,wait until the meat is a little brown. Put the cooking oil and stir on a slow fire. Add the crushed garlic and continue stirring until the garlic turns brown. Add the ginger and the shrimp.

3. Pour the two cups of coconut milk into the skillet. Do not cover. Stir occassionally so that the coconut milk will not coagulate or form bubbles.

4. Add the gabi leaves when the coconut milk is boiling. Let it cook until the coconut milk is almost dried up.

5. Add the last cup of coconut milk and the shrimp paste or patis or salt to taste. Continue cooking until the coconut milk has dried up.

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