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Phl women rowers rule Camsur tilts


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The Philippine women’s team dominateds the 400-meter Mixed Division and Women’s Division in the CamSur dragonboat finale with clockings of 1:44:44 and 3:35:90, respectively.

MANILA, Philippines – The national women’s team stamped its class in the Cobra Camsur International Dragonboat Festival, ruling the 400m finals and the 400m mixed finals at the Lago del Rey, Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) in Camarines Sur recently.

The Phl ladies squad churned out a 3:35.90 clocking to beat Camarines Sur, the Philippine National Police and the Fleet Marine teams in the 400m finals of the event hosted by Camsur Gov. Lray Villafuerte.

The national team then bested Fleet Marine and Camarines Sur Teams A and B for the mixed crown with a 1:44:44 clocking in the event which drew a total of 63 dragonboat teams and which staked a total prize money of $18,000.

The Philippine Army, on the other hand, captured the men’s 400m division crown in 1:37:38, beating Fleet Marine, Camarines Sur, and newcomer Team Buhi-Iraya, a team composed of fisher folks from Buhi Lake.

Overall, the national women’s team won four gold medals and a $7,000 purse for winning the 400m, 250m, mixed 250m and the mixed 400m while the Philippine Army copped the men’s 400m and 250m titles and took home $3,500.

Camsur has hosted some of the biggest world-class sports events, including the Cobra Ironman 70.3, Camsur Marathon, the only race in the country that has an IAAF certified race course and the only qualifier to the IAAF 2011 World Championships to be held in Korea, and the World Wakeboard Championships.

For other sports events at Camsur, log on to and

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