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Bikol Tourist Spots 1

Mt. Mayon: Natures Masterpiece

If Mt. Fuji is to Japan, then Mt. Mayon is to Bicol. Mt. Mayon with its perfectly shaped cone can be considered one of the Top 5 Tourist Spots in Bicol-Philippines. This still active volcano rises a majestic 2,421 meters and lords over the Bicol horizon. Mt. Mayon is located in northern part of Legazpi City. If you are up for the challenge to climb Mt. Mayon, you may get in touch with the Mayon Mountaineers through the Department of Tourism Office. Or alternatively, one can climb third of the way up to the Mayon Resthouse and the PHILVOCS Observatory and Museum.

Cagsawa Ruins: A Memorial for A Tragic Past

A lone church bell tower rises in the landscape with Mt. Mayon dominating the horizon behind it. This scene is famously depicted in many postcards throughout the Philippines. The bell tower is what remains of the Cagsawa town, about a few minutes ride from Legazpi City. When Mt. Mayon erupted in 1814 it engulfed the whole town in fiery lava. The people fled to the church but were unable to escape the lava flows. Only the church tower remains from this 19th century town to serve as a memorial for a tragic past.

Tiwi Hot Springs National Park: Harnessing Nature for Energy

Tiwi is a highly active thermal zone, with Tiwi Hot Springs in the Top 5 Tourist Spots in Bicol-Philippines. Its hot waters are believed to have medicinal properties. Naglagbong Lake offers the hottest waters. The Geothermal Electric Power Plant is also located in Tiwi. It uses steam from the natural hot springs to generate electricity.

Hoyop-Hoyopan Caves: The Cave that Whistles

In the local dialect hoyop-hoyopan means blow-blow. The name is descriptive to the sound of the wind whistling through the cave entrance. The Hoyop-Hoyopan cave is located 15 km from Legazpi, in the town of Camalig. Franciscan priests had excavated archeological artifacts dating from 50 BC from this cave. Some of the artifacts can be viewed at the nearby Camalig Church while some are located at the National Museum in Manila.

Busay Falls: A Cascading Wonder

The Busay Falls is in our Top 5 Tourist Spots in Bicol-Philippines. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the Philippines. Its luminescent waters cascades down in seven tiers from a height of 800 ft into two catch basins. The falls is located in Malilipot, Albay and is accessible through a foot trail.


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