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Investors looking for a favorable business environment will find Bicol an ideal place. Currently, the region is identified in the national map as a tourism and maritime zone due to its accessibility to Manila and Visayan Provinces.

The region manifests a mixture of dynamic culture, resilient and religious people, and literate workforce.

Bicol is accessible to Manila and the rest of Luzon through air, land, rail and sea. Manila is about 9 hours away for those taking the south road of the Manila—Bicol route and about 45 minutes by air transportation.

In terms of telecommunications, the region’s network consists of wired and wireless telecommunications. Communication lines with the latest technology had been installed throughout the region ranging from landlines using fiber optics and cellsites for cellular phones. An array of radio and television networks, postal services, Internet Service Providers (ISP) and cable networks are also growing in number rendering their utmost services to the public.

The region is a major supplier of geothermal energy with its Tiwi and Bacon-Manito Geothermal Plants. A wide selection of places for conferences, conventions and training are available. The region also prides itself of having a literacy rate of 96% with schools and universities at par with those in Manila.

Money transactions are made easy through the services of different banking institutions and ATM Networks in major urban centers. Aside from being highly literate, the Bicolano workforce is skilled and hardworking. Majority of the workforce is English speaking.

The region’s economy is based on light industry and agriculture. Its main products consist of rice, coconut, corn, cement, abaca products, cutlery, and ceramics. The region also plays host to varied types of large companies belonging to local and multinational investors.


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